Founded with
a mission.

A unisex haircare brand that was born out of a love for quality hair products and a desire to help out our little koala pals.
The Start

Our first product is a styling powder that is fine-grained and fine-tuned to always have your back. We wanted to extend that mantra and also create a community that has your back, from barbers to clients and back again we want you to support and encourage each other to be better and to spread the love (and glorious skin fades) across our social media platforms and beyond to celebrate all that is hair and style.

Koala Hair Styling Powder combines modern simplicity with unprecedented functionality to create a staple in the grooming collection of any household.

Our friends

Koalas are facing extinction in Australia with latest figures estimating there are now less than 80,000 currently left in the wild. We want to do our bit to help save them. By purchasing any of our products you are donating 5% of the products value to Southern Koala Rescue who are a volunteer organisation who rescue and rehabilitate injured Koalas in Adelaide, South Australia.